Recommitted: It's Not Too Late
The debut book from Celi Marie Dean is now available for purchase. Detailing life, lessons, and the truth about sex, love and God, this is book is a tool that women of all ages can use and learn from. Ms. Dean is a firm believer that it is not too late for anyone to experience healthy love. Order your copy today and begin your journey to healthy love!
Speaker. Humanitarian. Author
Transparent. Transformational. Timeless. Celi's messages, writings and films empower and equip women with the confidence and tools they need in order to experience healthy love and a winning life-style. Celi is a dynamic international speaker whose diverse background and experiences makes her a must-have for any event!
Lights. Camera. Action
Teaming up with End Time Harvest Productions, Celi Marie Dean takes on the role of Producer to learn about the world behind the camera. As a Humanitarian Celi understands the power of media in reaching the masses and changing lives. Three features deep, her resume is growing as a fledgling production ingenue with the hopes to graduate to a full time professional film mogul.


Welcome To Celi Marie Dean:

I’m Celi Marie Dean and for 10 years plus, I have been empowering and equipping women world-wide with the tools needed to live a more fulfilled life. My passion is helping women develop a genuine confidence so that they may experience healthy love.

As a veteran in pageantry, winning 6 titles, including the national title of Miss Black USA 2005; I have been able to take the skills I’ve acquired from pageantry and apply them to being successful in everyday life. My experience working at the World Bank Group and traveling the world as a former Goodwill Ambassador to The Republic of The Gambia, has given me the ability to cross cultures, ethnicities and language barriers, making me a relatable and relevant international speaker.

My messages and products are transparent, timeless and transformational; with the goal of empowering and equipping individuals. I’ve discovered from my world-travels, that women are able to flourish and experience a more fulfilled life when they are nurtured and loved. It is my desire to ensure that every woman understands the gift in experiencing healthy love and I invite you to join me on this journey.