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Topics include but not limited to:


Sex, Love & God: A journey to recommitment

Based on Celi’s bold new book, Recommitted: It’s Not Too Late; this workshop is a 30-45 min transformation session that’s packed with real, raw and relevant experiences. Gives valuable advice and tools to empower and equip the women of today’s generation. With an increased percentage of people in the church accepting sex outside of marriage, this workshop challenges women to make bold moves and healthier decisions as it pertains to their intimate relationships. Women will leave armed with tools that Celi has acquired during her personal journey and has used to keep her Recommitted for over 6 years now!
*relationships, sex before marriage, healing, soul-ties, singleness, confidence, intimacy

Walk, Talk & Think like a Queen: Developing confidence from the inside out

Perfect for mother and daughter retreats, middle school and high school age girl programs/camps, and girl leadership conferences. This workshop is a lively 60 min interactive session that will empower participants to develop a genuine confidence from the inside out. By using the example of a Queen, the epitome of confidence, young women are taught the importance of confidence, how to become confident and will be given the opportunity to unleash their inner queen and practice what they learn.

*confidence, healing, empowerment, positive self-esteem, leadership

Pretty Girls Serve ™: Based on the Pretty Girls Serve initiative, this workshop is tailored for young girl’s middle school/high school age, teaching them the importance of being active participants in society by giving back to their community through charitable giving and volunteering. Ladies will learn what it means to be a philanthropist, they will be equipped with the tools to become confident servant leaders in their communities and to be challenged to be more than just pretty. This workshop puts the swag, style and sass back into serving.

*leadership, philanthropy, community, confidence, empowerment, volunteerism


  • Unlimited Possibilities: Celi open’s up with her winning spoken word piece to challenge students to not limit themselves and to dream bigger.
  • Pressing on: Achieving a Standard of Excellence: Celi encourages students to continue to press on toward their goals despite all obstacles, circumstances or setbacks.
  • Don’t Quit: Taking the greatest lessons learned from the failures and closed doors; Celi opens up about her failures and encourages students and graduates not to give up.
  • Discovering My Brand: Celi breaks down how she went from representing someone else’ brand as a former pageant titleholder to discovering, developing and representing her own brand.

School Age

  • Confidently Beautiful: Confidently Me: Growing up a multiracial woman (father Liberian and mother American) Celi understands young people’s struggle accepting themselves. She uses her own experiences to inspire youth to love, embrace and be confident in who they are.
  • Recommitted: It is never comfortable speaking to young people about sex and relationships, however the reality is many of them are having sex at an early age and getting involved in complicated and sometimes unhealthy relationships. Celi takes a modified version of her workshop Sex, Love and God to have an open discussion with young people as it pertains to sex and relationships.


  • Sex, Love and God: See workshop description above.
  • Identity Crisis: Identity in Christ: Many young men and women are dealing with an identity crisis, attaching their identity to relationships, material possessions, appearance and so forth, leaving them unsure of who they really are. Celi gives tangible ways to become secure and grounded in one’s identity in Christ.

Women & Business

  • Coming Soon! 

Celi Marie Dean is also available to tailor a topic to fit your needs. Celi’s dynamic personality, wit, and authenticity makes her the perfect fit for media, speaking engagements, hosting, keynotes, radio and television interviews. To inquire about booking Celi for an event, visit ‘Book CMD’ or email Team CMD at